Sunday, October 17, 2010

Techdoctor Paying Off!

I'm so excited about this website! It is becoming so awesome, so fast! Since I signed up I have cashed out twice, the first time I cashed out $10 to my Paypal account and with that $10 (this pays for itself) I upgraded to premium membership which if you ask me is the best deal because you can cash out unlimited money per week whereas if you are a non premium member you are limited to $10 per week, why limit yourself when you can make so much more for being helpful in the forum! I requested pay on Thursday this week for $20 because I did not have enough at that point for $50 (you need $60 cash earned and I was not at $60 but I still wanted to get paid) and I woke up and checked my Paypal this morning to see that I got paid again!

Techdotordeals is legit and I love it! Everyone should go there, make money and help others make money by referring them! This week so far I have nearly $60 and I am trying to get up to $100 for cashout on Friday, that is my goal!

As you can see, that is $90 that I have racked up in just 2 weeks!! End of week 3 I am hoping to be up over $100 because with the different denominations, there is a point penalty, 15 points for $10, 25 points for $20, 60 points for $50, 90 points for $75 and $100 is the best deal because its only 100 points. And ultimately as long as you are active in the forum and abide by Admins rules you should have no problem making this kind of money.  As of right now its $0.30 per post or thread you start so jump on the deal while its available!

Also some of my referrals have been waiting for their confirmation links for 2 days now but rest assured it will come! I have PMed the Admin and also if you have signed up under me you can still log in and view all of the important posts by Admin and you can PM me (chasityxo) with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to help you out!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paid to Chat?

I have never before heard of getting paid to chat. Until I came across a website called Birejji. It is a chat website in which you chat for a pot per message you write. Typically the pot is any wheres from $0.001 to $0.05 per message and you can chat all you want. It takes a lot of chatting to make any decent money off of this but it is an easy side thing to earn a few cents per week. I just joined up and with 2 days of chatting a got paid 15c from Birejji. A lot of people who come across the website think its a scam but here is payment proof.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Techdoctor Payment Proof

Well, I just checked my paypal account and the money was in there!!! So excited because now I can upgrade to premium membership and cash out more than $10 per week, I can cash out as much as I want I just have to earn the money by doing posts. That being said, I did cash out last Thursday but I made a mistake with my paypal account so I had to contact Swiftgamers and let them know but sure enough I did still get paid. Right now I have almost enough to cash out $25 this week, so tomorrow I will upgrade to premium membership and then work on hitting $25, so that will be $35 this week. I love Techdoctordeals!!! You will too, just sign up and see how you like the free membership first! 

Swagbucks Pt. 2 and Sidetick

So I logged into Swag bucks yesterday, to read a new blog entry!! Things are changing on the site, and for the better. Now the 'Daily 4' is 8 because you get 2 points for your daily poll, NOSO, checking for surveys and using the toolbar! They are also doing a bunch more upgrading, adding videos and even changing to look of the bucks themselves! 

Here is a screen cap of one of the daily's I got this morning! Pretty cool if you ask me, so far today I've gotten a total of 20 SB just for searching and doing my dailies, I have only been awake an hour! Search and win and never look back!

What if I told you, you could get paid for using a social network like facebook? Well, you can! There is a newer site called Sidetick and what it is, is exactly like Facebook (different layout obviously) but all of the same stuff, you can add friends, add music, pictures, make groups, polls etc. All while MAKING MONEY. They have something called tickbucks, when you join you get 2000 tickbucks and you can cashout when you reach 50000 tickbucks. It may seem like a lot but you get tickbucks for doing everything on this site, you even get tickbucks when people visit your profile and comment on your pictures, music and whatever else you create, they get credited too! So add some friends (more friends = more tickbucks) and start earning today! 2000 tickbucks for every reffered friend and 500 for every friend that friend refers, also you can get 1000 tickbucks daily by opening your daily message from Jenny and commenting on her daily blog post. 2000 tickbucks are equal to one dollar so you can cash out with a minimum $25, which is quite easy to get! 

See below for my screen cap, I joined last week but have been busy with other sites until yesterday so I am still starting out, my tickbuck count is still low but once I continue adding friends and working on viewing their profiles everyday plus getting my daily 1000, I should be able to cash out in no time! I will make sure to update often and I'll let you know how long it takes me to cash out. By doing the math 1500 x 30 = 45000 so it should take me around a month but I have a friend who says she can help me cash out in 2 weeks!! Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Get Swaggeriffic

Swag bucks is one of favorite search and win websites. I have only been signed up for a couple weeks now and I have already racked up enough points to cash out four 5$ gift cards. With Swag bucks, you earn points for doing things like searching using the toolbar, doing offers, tasks and much more. On average I get about 30 points per day just for doing nothing. When I have available surveys they usually range from 50-100 points per survey. So as you can see the points can add up really quickly, it only costs 450 SB for a 5$ Amazon gift card, which, out of all the rewards is probably the best one for your point worth. It works out great too though because Amazon has pretty much everything. I am saving up at the moment for an 8GB Ipod Touch, at this rate it won't take me long.

Here is a screen cap of my ledger, as you can see I got  79 SB yesterday, and most of them were for doing nothing but checking the 'Daily 4', doing an offer and using the toolbar to search.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Techdoctor Part 2

So a few people have claimed to be skeptical so I'm going to show you why I like this site, complete with screen caps.

Basically the site works like this, you sign up, you get a free account, you make threads about allotted topics (I have seen a great range of topics though) you discuss said topics, making posts minimum 250 characters at least, then you will be credited in points, but in your market you can see how much cash earned you have total.

As you can see, I have $15 cash earned which now means I can cash out a $10 paypal withdrawal . You get paid every Friday and newbies have a limit of $10 per week that you can withdrawal or you can take that $10 in your paypal account and pay for a premium membership which means you can take out more money per month, and it does not take long to reach the $10 so the premium membership is actually a great deal because you would be making more money in the long run. 

So as a regular member you can cash out $40 per month, so $40 for doing nothing but talking to people is actually a really great deal, one of the best I have seen online actually. And if you do want the premium membership, this is what is included:

No withdraw limit, you can actually make A LOT of money for $10 it costs for premium membership so check it out Techdoctor deals.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Techdoctor Is In

Well, The blog is almost complete! All I have left to do is organize which sites I have accounts with, so I can keep you all updated on which sites are optimal for payment and which ones are scams! Check out the pages tabs at the top of the blog under the header, you will find very valuable information there! 

You will hear from me soon!
In the mean time, check out this site I just found 2 days ago called Techdoctordeals, all you do is make threads and posts and you get paid $0.30 per post you make, I have made about 33 posts and already have $10!!! Once I have enough money I'm going to join for a membership as a gold member!