Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Techdoctor Part 2

So a few people have claimed to be skeptical so I'm going to show you why I like this site, complete with screen caps.

Basically the site works like this, you sign up, you get a free account, you make threads about allotted topics (I have seen a great range of topics though) you discuss said topics, making posts minimum 250 characters at least, then you will be credited in points, but in your market you can see how much cash earned you have total.

As you can see, I have $15 cash earned which now means I can cash out a $10 paypal withdrawal . You get paid every Friday and newbies have a limit of $10 per week that you can withdrawal or you can take that $10 in your paypal account and pay for a premium membership which means you can take out more money per month, and it does not take long to reach the $10 so the premium membership is actually a great deal because you would be making more money in the long run. 

So as a regular member you can cash out $40 per month, so $40 for doing nothing but talking to people is actually a really great deal, one of the best I have seen online actually. And if you do want the premium membership, this is what is included:

No withdraw limit, you can actually make A LOT of money for $10 it costs for premium membership so check it out Techdoctor deals.