Sunday, October 17, 2010

Techdoctor Paying Off!

I'm so excited about this website! It is becoming so awesome, so fast! Since I signed up I have cashed out twice, the first time I cashed out $10 to my Paypal account and with that $10 (this pays for itself) I upgraded to premium membership which if you ask me is the best deal because you can cash out unlimited money per week whereas if you are a non premium member you are limited to $10 per week, why limit yourself when you can make so much more for being helpful in the forum! I requested pay on Thursday this week for $20 because I did not have enough at that point for $50 (you need $60 cash earned and I was not at $60 but I still wanted to get paid) and I woke up and checked my Paypal this morning to see that I got paid again!

Techdotordeals is legit and I love it! Everyone should go there, make money and help others make money by referring them! This week so far I have nearly $60 and I am trying to get up to $100 for cashout on Friday, that is my goal!

As you can see, that is $90 that I have racked up in just 2 weeks!! End of week 3 I am hoping to be up over $100 because with the different denominations, there is a point penalty, 15 points for $10, 25 points for $20, 60 points for $50, 90 points for $75 and $100 is the best deal because its only 100 points. And ultimately as long as you are active in the forum and abide by Admins rules you should have no problem making this kind of money.  As of right now its $0.30 per post or thread you start so jump on the deal while its available!

Also some of my referrals have been waiting for their confirmation links for 2 days now but rest assured it will come! I have PMed the Admin and also if you have signed up under me you can still log in and view all of the important posts by Admin and you can PM me (chasityxo) with any questions or concerns and I will do my best to help you out!


  1. Hmm, I may check this out! Are you saying that you pretty much get paid for making posts, though?

  2. hmmm maybe i'll give it a whirl

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaat. I'll give this a try.

  4. Actually new to this , Quite resourceful