Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Swagbucks Pt. 2 and Sidetick

So I logged into Swag bucks yesterday, to read a new blog entry!! Things are changing on the site, and for the better. Now the 'Daily 4' is 8 because you get 2 points for your daily poll, NOSO, checking for surveys and using the toolbar! They are also doing a bunch more upgrading, adding videos and even changing to look of the bucks themselves! 

Here is a screen cap of one of the daily's I got this morning! Pretty cool if you ask me, so far today I've gotten a total of 20 SB just for searching and doing my dailies, I have only been awake an hour! Search and win and never look back!

What if I told you, you could get paid for using a social network like facebook? Well, you can! There is a newer site called Sidetick and what it is, is exactly like Facebook (different layout obviously) but all of the same stuff, you can add friends, add music, pictures, make groups, polls etc. All while MAKING MONEY. They have something called tickbucks, when you join you get 2000 tickbucks and you can cashout when you reach 50000 tickbucks. It may seem like a lot but you get tickbucks for doing everything on this site, you even get tickbucks when people visit your profile and comment on your pictures, music and whatever else you create, they get credited too! So add some friends (more friends = more tickbucks) and start earning today! 2000 tickbucks for every reffered friend and 500 for every friend that friend refers, also you can get 1000 tickbucks daily by opening your daily message from Jenny and commenting on her daily blog post. 2000 tickbucks are equal to one dollar so you can cash out with a minimum $25, which is quite easy to get! 

See below for my screen cap, I joined last week but have been busy with other sites until yesterday so I am still starting out, my tickbuck count is still low but once I continue adding friends and working on viewing their profiles everyday plus getting my daily 1000, I should be able to cash out in no time! I will make sure to update often and I'll let you know how long it takes me to cash out. By doing the math 1500 x 30 = 45000 so it should take me around a month but I have a friend who says she can help me cash out in 2 weeks!! Stay tuned!


  1. interesting, I didn't know that...


  2. Hm, so you can also get cash from this as well as opposed to just giftcards and coupons?

    I'll wait and see you cash out first and then I'll try it.