Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Techdoctor Payment Proof

Well, I just checked my paypal account and the money was in there!!! So excited because now I can upgrade to premium membership and cash out more than $10 per week, I can cash out as much as I want I just have to earn the money by doing posts. That being said, I did cash out last Thursday but I made a mistake with my paypal account so I had to contact Swiftgamers and let them know but sure enough I did still get paid. Right now I have almost enough to cash out $25 this week, so tomorrow I will upgrade to premium membership and then work on hitting $25, so that will be $35 this week. I love Techdoctordeals!!! You will too, just sign up and see how you like the free membership first! 


  1. A friend of mine was also telling me about this, I guess i'll try it out. thx.

  2. Not a bad little tool I guess, but I'm already too occupied =P

  3. Ok, I'm convinced. I'm making an account this weekend.